Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water and How To Make It Part of Your Lifestyle

What is Mineral Water

Mineral water is water that is filled with natural minerals. Without consuming calories, mineral water keeps you hydrated and replenishes the minerals you use while living an active lifestyle.

Different from Tap Water and Regular Bottled Water

According to studies, bottled mineral water contains up to four times as much calcium and magnesium as regular water.

The Benefits of Minerals

Valuable minerals found in mineral water, like calcium and magnesium, benefit your running performance.

Calcium – Prevents Running Injuries (mainly stress fractures)

  • Maintains Bone Density
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Prevents Development of Bone Diseases

Absorption of calcium from calcium-rich mineral water appears to be at least comparable to, and possibly better than, that from dairy products.

A study published in Osteoporosis International determined

Magnesium – Helps Runners Avoid Getting Sick (and not miss workouts)

  • Boosts Immune System
  • Fights Infections

Potassium – Assists Runners in Recovery (a key component to performance)

  • Improves Organ Function

Follow the following tips, and you will be maximizing the benefits of drinking mineral water:

  • Be Honest – Take a look at yourself and determine if you are drinking 1.5 to 2 liters daily.
  • Have a Date with it – Mineral water neutralizes your palate so your food and drinks will taste better.
  • Chill With It – Let drinking water become a habit and part of your routine. Hang out with a bottle all day.
  • Don’t Neglect it – Write down how much and when you drink water so you can take a personal inventory at the end of the day.
  • Sleep With It – Place mineral water by your bed. In the morning, start sipping.
  • Make the Best of it – Drink water throughout the day so you don’t overwork your digestive system. Our digestive systems can only handle .2 liters of liquid every 15 minutes.