Heat Training: Embrace the Sun and Improve Your Running Endurance

It has been scorching hot in New York City recently, and many runners are sweating a lot. For those of you that tough it out, despite record-setting temperatures, you will be happy to know that you are enhancing your performance if you are running for an hour. You are not going to get many more heat training benefits from running more than that in hot temperatures.

A workout in a hot and uncomfortable climate will improve performance more than the same one in a cool and comfortable one.

The Science

According to a study completed at the University of Oregon, training in the heat improves aerobic exercise performance.

  • You will become better at retaining sodium
  • Your body will be able to retain more water
  • The result is increased blood plasma volumes

Chris Minson, a human physiology expert, believes that research still needs to be done. Still, heat training may “overtake high altitude training in terms of an extreme way to achieve more elite fitness levels.”

Heat Training vs Altitude Training

Like altitude training, heat training is just one more method to further enhance your performance. However, unlike altitude training, you do not need to move to Colorado or sleep in a high-altitude tent. Just go outside in the summer and train.

Be Careful & Have Fun

Overheating can be dangerous, so please be careful and remember:

  • Hydrate the day before your workout with coconut water
  • Do your easy workouts in the heat until you are fully acclimated
  • If you begin to feel sick during your heat training, slow down or stop
  • Consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions
  • Embrace the process and remind yourself that it will get better
  • Drink water with electrolytes before, during and after your workout
  • Put your sweaty closes in a plastic bag and tie it tight until you get them into the wash
  • Embrace the sun!
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